GEFIRA HANDELS GmbH 5 years of success

Five years after incorporation the trading division of GEFIRA GROUP proves to be quite successful. Among other trading activities, GEFIRA HANDELS GmbH finds itself in a leading position in a promising market niche with growth rates of around 20% p.a. . GEFIRA has established itself as connecting element between the textile producing companies of Middle East countries and the high-tech machinery manufacturers in Switzerland.

The latter are selling their equipment in form of international project business and provide services until the machinery is put into operation.

But to keep the production then running their clients need constant service in training, repair and maintenance. Even more decisive for their production are spare and wear parts that need to be repurchased constantly and in time from Switzerland. With a complicated export-import process from Europe and enlarged delivery dates, this is not easy to handle for local textile producers. And it is not the core business for the Swiss machinery manufacturers.

GEFIRA HANDELS GmbH fills exactly this gap: a competent team placed in Zug / Switzerland manages all around the spare and wear parts by leading Swiss firms like Graf&Cie. In addition, there is a strong and close cooperation with a local partner providing services on site for the Uzbek clients and for the whole region. A main competitive advantage is a stock of parts GEFIRA holds in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital.

Therefore GEFIRA HANDELS GmbH is meanwhile one of the leading companies for this market in Uzbekistan and started to expand to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The portfolio of traded products is constantly broadened. The target for the next years is to stabilize the actual growth rates of about 20% p.a. and achieve the market leader position for the whole region in this niche market.

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Jun 6, 2023 | firm, subsidiaries


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