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Bridging two worlds for the benefit of each

In 2018, Max C. Evard and Fred Jaumann, two passionate «veterans» with combined 30+ years in business, government service and education in the wider Eastern European space (Russia, Central Asia and Central & Eastern Europe), joined forces to start Gefira Group.
Gefira – the bridge in Greek – brings together business in East and West. The company has its roots in Zug, Switzerland and Max, Swabian-Swiss, and Fred, Swiss from Glarus add local Swiss principles to international and multicultural projects

Our expertise


Due to our personal and professional experience we have access to the essential channels of successful business in both cultures – East and West. Using our understanding of the potential of our Eastern clients and the Know-How of established processes in Western Europe we create added value for our clients with high efficiency and intensity – measurable and reliable.

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our hand-in-hand philosophy

Success is a result of human relations.
Bridging different people, different skills, different functions, different resources in different markets is what makes it possible to achieve optimal outcome for all partners.
Short reaction times, quick decision-making, personal contact to and inside our team is the way we work for you.


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