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Facilitating and processing import and export of goods

Assisting trading companies
in their operations

Supporting the Swiss textile industry internationally

About us

first class partner for the textile industry


we trade with spare and wear parts for textile productions

we offer profound know-how about logistics and export processes

we understand deeply the market of textile industry

we are in close relationship to manufacturers AND users of textile machinery

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Team of 5 people in Switzerland, specialized in export processes and textile production technology

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Swiss office based in Zug close to one of the world’s leading suppliers of card clothing for the textile industry

Tashkent City

Close cooperation partner in Tashkent and own storage at short distance to customer production sites

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4 Mio. CHF turnover after 5 years of operation with constant growth rate of around 20% p.a.

products & services

we provide anything our clients need to keep their business running

We offer our customers AND our suppliers a comprehensive service package around

  • the logistics and procurement of spare and wear parts,
  • the maintenance and repair of their textile machinery

Due to our outstanding and innovative investment in a local storage unit, we can serve almost all needed spare parts on short call. This is decisive for our clients to keep downtimes of production sites as short as possible.


long-life and high-grade Swiss technology spare and wear parts for textile machines

We are exclusive dealer for Uzbekistan for spare and wear parts for Graf&Cie and we offer the complete product range of leading Swiss manufacturers in the fields of

  • Clothing for Spinning:

Metallic Card Clothing

Flexible Flats

Stationary Flats

Cleaning and Stripping Fillets

Cotton Yarn Package

Clothing for Blowroom

Clothing for OE Opening Rollers

  • Combs:

Circular Combs

Top Combs


Pre-sales services:
Based on our experience and intensive customer relations, we anticipate the future demand for spare and wear parts at our customers› productions, act in advance and maintain appropriate stocks in our regional warehouse for them to be at short-time disposal.

Processing services:
We master the complex sourcing, logistics, handling and export processes in Switzerland just as routinely as the logistics and import conditions in our target markets. In this way, we considerably discharge both market sides. The Swiss machinery manufacturers which are focused in their core business on big projects, not on small-small-orders of spare parts. Our Central Asian customers appreciate support for handling the European / Swiss way of doing business.

After-sales services:
We work with the best qualified local partner to perform installation, putting into operation, product and service training etc. : TSS Textile Service Solutions, Tashkent




  • Excellent technical know-how of high-end textile machinery
  • Adaptation of our services according to regional and cultural specifics
  • Exceptional client relationships and deep market knowledge
  • Services exactly adopted to the needs of our clients and their target markets
  • Close cooperation with local service partners
  • Short communication channels for clients and suppliers
  • Good and deep cooperation with leading manufacturers
  • Extensive experience in international trade: logistics, customs processes, transport, etc.
  • Exceptional high and flexible delivery capacity
  • Premier after-sales services


we bring Swiss high-end technology to Central Asian textile productions


After 5 years of operation, we are one of the leading providers in Uzbekistan and on the way to becoming a ‹market leader›. Other customers are located in Kazakhstan. This sales market is being expanded. Our next target market is Azerbaijan, where we have already established promising contact with textile factories.



We know every important textile company in the region of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. International groups as well as regional SMEs: not only by numbers but on the bases of a strong personal network.

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Indorama Textile

Logo Posco International

Posco International Textile

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Litai Textile

Logo Bakan Textile

Bakan Textile


Max C. Evard - founder and owner:

«GEFIRA Handels GmbH tries to contribute its small part to lift the industry of textile production on a higher level of sustainability:
more resource-friendly and energy efficient, more quality conscious, and with improved working conditions.»


TSS Textile Service Solutions is our best-qualified and trusted Uzbek partner:

  • Based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Provides services in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan
  • Team of 40+ engineers and technicians
TSS installation service
installation of spare part

installation of spare part

TSS maintenance service
TSS maintainance work

TSS maintenance work

TSS repair service
TSS repair service

TSS repair work

TSS training service
TSS maintainance service

TSS on-site training


COnsolidate – grow – expand


  • Extend our product portfolio trading with further product lines of textile machinery technology by Swiss manufacturers
  • Consolidate our leading position in the Uzbek market
  • Expand our activities in the neighbour markets of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan
  • Ascend ourselves into the position of the leading partner for the textile industry in the whole Central Asian region
  • Stabilise our turnover growth rate at 20% p.a.
  • Be an active part for a symbiotic relation between high-tech Swiss industry and the Central Asian textile producers
  • Carry forward elevation of quality standards in the textile producing countries to a Swiss level with advantages concerning longer lifespans and high-grade technology
  • Support Swiss industry at stabilization of customer relations 


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